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      Guangdong Jiabao Group is a leading industry which is renowned by its products , preserved fruit, pickles, fruit juice etc food. It is a modern comprehensive individual enterprise dealing with multiple operation of integrated packaging industry.

First、Development History of Enterprise
  YangYinglin established Jiawei Food Manufacturer In 1983, Chaozhou Jiabao Color Printing Packaging Company Ltd. In 1993, Chaozhou Jiabao Group Cooperation Ltd. In 1993, it was granted with the provincial title of Guangdong Jiabao Group Cooperation.In 2000, Guangdong Jiabao Bio-cosmetic Cooperation Ltd. was established while in 2002, After 20 years ' efforts, Jiabao actively implements scale,diversified and export-oriented development, effectively exerts its brand advantage in pursuing to achieve efficiency through management, gaining development throughinnovation.

Second、Quality management and Technology Innovation
   Jiabao owns registered capital RMB52.8 million, the total registered capital of Group Cooperation and holding company over RMB100 million, while existing total capital could reach RMB500 million. It possesses over 1000 staffs and more than 20 subordinating domestic enterprises and branch offices in China

Third、Enterprise Fame
  Jiabao has been awarded the title by Guangdong Administration of Industry and Commerce, as “creditable ,contract-observed enterprise” "Chinese food industry quality and efficiency of advanced enterprises", "National food Health model units", "food & drugs at the Guangdong project model bases," "high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province" . At present, “Jiabao” brand enjoys wide popularity in and abroad after long-term cultivation and propaganda. Since 1992, “Jiabao” brand has been appraised as “Guangdong Famous Brand” for successive 3 times. Jiabao products win many reputations for its superiority of high-quality products and widely –known brand .: one Excellence from Agriculture, three National Green Food, four non-environmental agricultural products, one “China Township Enterprises Brand Names” issued by Agriculture Dept. four Excellence issued by Guangdong Economic Commission . “Jiabao Liangguo” and” Jiabao Pickle “ seperately win the title of “Guangdong Brand Product”

Forth、 Quality management and Technology Innovation
  Early in Dec.1991, Jiabao enterprise has been inspected and approved as by TQC of Agriculture Dept. and issued Agriculture Comprehensive Management Quality and Standard Certificate. In Oct. 2003, foodstuff design , development and production of Jiabao series .have passed ISO9001:2000 International TQM Certification. In food's quality, health and management” aspect Jiabao gains the title of “Agriculture Comprehensive Quality Management Standard Certificate”by Guangdong Economic Commission, Guangdong Science & Technology Department , Environmental Protection Bureau. And has been identified as “Chaozhou A-class Enterprise on Food Health Creditability.” By Chaozhou Health Bureau.
  In recent years ,we constantly apply technology to innovate and increase innovation devotion to traditional food, enlarge traditional preserved fruits and pickles industry. In 2001, Jiabao plant plum juice project was accepted as state-level sparkle planning project by National Technology Dept. Since 2002, the enterprise is regarded as Gauangdong High & New Technology Enterprise , of which many were identified as the leading domestic scientific and technological achievements at the provincial level.

Fifth、 Talents
  The introduction ,cultivation, and optimized collocation to talents are the important guarantees for realizing cooperation's overall strategy target and keeping sustainable development.. The development strategy to human resource is : establishing effective& incentive system, improving staffs' overall cultural quality, making concessions to the introduction of various aspects of talents.
  Talents are the foundations of development, human being the first resource. In order to guarantee that “human resource” are abundantly coordinated to cooperation's development strategy and operation. The strategy is: establishing performance assessment system with fully stimulation and restraint. , cultivating and creating one team with compounded & high-quality professional managers and another excellent-skilled, ,enhancing comprehensive competitiveness .

Sixth、Market Internet
  Jiabao has majority of products sold in China , minority abroad. At present, more than 20 branch offices are built up in China . Jiabao preserved fruits are best-sell over each province, cities , municipalities of China except Tibet, much more better sell in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and even worldwide.
  Jiabao Group's steadily development, it is the result of guideline of human oriented, efficiency comes out of management, innovate for development that we cling to, but also the result of our hard work, striving and enterprising spirit. Nowadays, Jiabao Group has become the winner of the agriculture and sideline products processing enterprise, also the winner who applied technology to strengthen traditional industry.


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